Answering the Question: Why Do I Need a Website?

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doINeedaWebsitePreviously, I discussed the top 5 questions/concerns of new or potential website clients. These concerns typically arise directly before or after signing a contract for a new website. But what about clients who haven’t reached that point?

I’ve come across many businesses still directing their marketing efforts through traditional mediums such as newspaper ads, print pieces and radio. They question whether their business even needs a website at all. Here is how I try to break down the answer to that question.

Brand Awareness and Perception

A website is an extension of your corporate image. The design, layout and content of your website can alter the perception of your company to potential and current clients, employees and investors. It can increase awareness of your brand in your market area and beyond. No other means of marketing will allow you to present your company values, mission and persona in such a convenient, wide-reaching and changeable format.

Customer Satisfaction and Accessibility

customer satisfactionCustomers often research a company before investing in their product or service. The prevalence of mobile devices and wireless Internet access means that people can perform this research virtually any time or place. The absence of a website may result in customers moving on to the competition for the sake of convenience and time.

Your website can be used to create a connection between your company and your customers. One example of this is by providing details and images of staff, which can lead to increased customer loyalty.

Many people prefer to communicate via email or online chat rather than over the phone. Having those means of contact available on your website may increase customer engagement and feedback. Better still, you’ll reduce the hours spent answering questions over the phone.

Cost Effective Advertising

A website is a very worthwhile financial investment. Depending on the way your website is designed, it may be two or more years before you need to think about remaking it. Many web design companies will let you spread out the cost in installments.


Once your website is set up, you can update information any time, at a much faster and cheaper rate than other forms of advertising. This means you can promote the latest products, discounts and special offers.

Company Growth

A website assists the sales process in several ways. Content sells ideas, which can be used to persuade customers to opt for your company over the competition. You can provide details and reviews on your products and services. You can also promote services people didn’t know were available, potentially increasing your customer base.

Providing ways to contact your company online means that users can easily ask questions or request further information. This will enable you to increase leads. All this and more helps to promote company growth.

Keeping up with the Competition

Unless you are part of a niche market or a small town, the chances are your business has a lot of competition. If a potential client is unable to access immediate information, they may move on to your rivals.

For many, having a website denotes success and credibility, allowing you to stand against the competition. Faced with a potentially long list of other providers, having a well designed, up-to-date website could determine your company’s success.


When contemplating a website, don’t think of it as a product, think of it as a solution. Examining the vast number of benefits should answer the question of whether you need one or not.


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