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Hello! I live in Pierre, South Dakota and work with businesses of all sizes to build websites. I always try to make the process as enjoyable and stress free as possible for both sides.

Here, I will be discussing insights into various aspects of the website industry based on personal experiences, along with anything else that interests me at that time.


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New Website Launched for Paws Animal Rescue

Paws Animal RescueAfter spending the last few months tied to my computer for reasons of work, entertainment or communication, I felt the need to look around for something worthwhile to do outside of my online world. Everyone close to me knows that I love animals, so my first step was to find a way to help with stray or feral animals locally.

I decided to send an email to Paws Animal Rescue, volunteering my web development/design/update services. Recently-appointed board president Brenda Manning responded a week later. Over omelettes and pie at Perkins, she gave me free rein over the project.

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Answering the Question: Why Do I Need a Website?

doINeedaWebsitePreviously, I discussed the top 5 questions/concerns of new or potential website clients. These concerns typically arise directly before or after signing a contract for a new website. But what about clients who haven’t reached that point?

I’ve come across many businesses still directing their marketing efforts through traditional mediums such as newspaper ads, print pieces and radio. They question whether their business even needs a website at all. Here is how I try to break down the answer to that question.

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Putting Clients at Ease: The Top Five Concerns of New and Potential Website Clients

Website ConcernsAfter working in the website industry for a few years, you can’t help but notice a few similarities when it comes to new clients. Investing in a website can be intimidating for a number of reasons. Here is a list of what I have found to be the top five questions/concerns of new and potential website clients (and how I typically address them).

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